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Hello… I am Sissy and I’ve been on one incredible life’s journey to arrive at this point, filled full of highs and some lows, but if it wasn’t for the lows I wouldn’t haven’t experience all the highs with the appreciation that I have done.  

I believe everything happens for a reason and that the Universe Always Has My Back! I try and practice gratitude for all and count my blessing more than I count my ills.  

I graduated in fashion design over 20 years ago and had my own fashion range as well as being a designer for urban wear brands Hooch & Bench.  After a few years I started to feel the pull to help and give back to society especially our youth so I set up an educational organisation which I still run called Street Style Surgery We deliver creative workshops all over the world to help inspire young people to reach for their creative dreams and believe in themselves and their talents.

During lockdown I focused more inwards and on to what I really needed and what was good for my soul.  Being creative, being mindful and following my passion for fashion kept coming up, so here I am doing what I know I was made to do “inspiring others” but through fashion design this time around.

I’m also a solo mum to a wonderful 5-year-old little girl called Berry who keeps me on my toes, my heart happy, full and grateful,  you can follow our adventures here if you like @adventures_of_a_solo_mummy

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I wish you happy browsing and a day filled with positive vibes and joy. 

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